Saturday, 15 March 2014


Islamic striptease starts with the stripper wearing a full-body burqa and it ends when she takes off her knickers to reveal that her genitals have been mutilated.

Since the are so many layers of clothing to take off, Islamic striptease takes about twice as long as regular (or infidel) striptease. Alternatively, the Islamic stripper must strip twice as fast the infidel stripper to make the same deadline. 

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Phony Palestine

In 2005 the top Ham-Ass gangster waived Palestinian rights to Palestine and announced that once Palestine had been cleansed of Jewish filth, Muslims from the entire solar system would be allowed to relocate to Palestine, since it is allegedly Muslim land on account of having been inhabited by Muslims.
Muslim land traversed by Muslim mountains covered with Muslim scrub and populated by Muslim squirrels and Muslim jackals. Muslim pastures where Muslim camels graze. Muslim junkyards and vacant Muslim lots littered with discarded Muslim tyres and rusty Muslim tin cans.
However in his 2005 harangue, the top Ham-Ass gangster made no mention of Palestinian Christians, who under Turkish rule until 1918 constituted 10 to 15% of Palestine’s Arab population but now make up only about one per cent and show a downward trend. Christian businesses are boycotted In the Palestinian territories – both in Gaza and the West Bank. Even in the supposedly secular West Bank, Christians are discriminated against and occasionally murdered by Muslim fanatics on purely religious grounds, since the Palestinian Authority cannot be bothered to protect them. In Gaza last year the few remaining Christian schools were ordered to institute sexual segregation of their pupils in compliance with Muslim religious law.
In Israel on the other hand, Christians miraculously still constitute 9% of the Arab population, although there too they are subject to fierce denunciation by devout Muslims.
It is noteworthy that Palestinian Christians are the only Arabic-speaking Christians who call themselves Arabs and identify with Arab nationalism. Palestinian Christians have been very prominent in the cause of Palestinian nationalism – George Habbash, the founder and leader of one of the oldest Palestinian nationalist terror groups, is a Christian.
But Palestinian Christians’ devotion to the nationalist cause has not prevented them from being persecuted, snubbed and ignored exactly the same as Christians are persecuted, snubbed and ignored in every other Arab country except Lebanon, where Christians until recently were the majority and still possess great political and economic power. Not only are all non-Muslims persecuted, but Muslims of the wrong sort, like Shia or Sunni, are ALSO persecuted depending on who is running the show locally. The Shias of Saudi Arabia have been denounced as “worse then Jews” – the ultimate humiliation. Only Jews are exempt from persecution, because they were all despoiled and driven out long ago.
As reward for their fervent Palestinian nationalism, Palestinian Christians were given the bum’s rush to make way for generic Muslims from anywhere you care to mention – even Harlem.
This fact is yet another indication that Palestine is not a nation, but merely a convenient pretext – a brand name, a marketing ploy – designed and artificially boosted to enable Muslim bigots to destroy the state of Israel and then expel the surviving Jews from their last foothold in the Middle East, just as the Jews were successively expelled from Egypt, Iraq, Algeria, Libya, and even to a great extent from Yemen and Syria, contrary to popular belief.
Palestine never existed as a political jurisdiction until the British detached it from Syria in the course of Western colonialists’ carving up of the erstwhile Turkish or Ottoman Empire in the aftermath of the First World War (1914-1918). Palestinian Arabs are ethnically. linguistically and culturally indistinguishable from Syrian and Jordanian Arabs. The very name Palestine is a Latin name imported from Italy, and under the Roman Empire -- more than 1500 years ago -- Palestine designated a vast territory that even included large chunks of what is now Saudi Arabia.
After Turkey’s defeat in the First World War, Arab nationalists in what is now Palestine rallied to the cause of Syrian nationalism. Only after France and Britain divided Syria into a northern French mandate called Syria and a southern British mandate called Palestine – later subdivided into what is now Palestine and what is now Jordan – did local Arab nationalists begin brandishing the ideal of an independent “Palestinian” Arab state. Even the subsequent leader of the “Palestinian” national movement Amin al Husayni, whom the Jewish governor of British Palestine foolishly appointed Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, started his political career as a Syrian nationalist.
To top it all off, when in 1947 the United Nations encouraged, nay exhorted, the Arabs of British Palestine to proclaim their own Arab state in Palestine next to the Jewish state of Israel, they flatly refused, since they aspired to seize the whole territory and slaughter the Jews. Two subsequent Israeli offers to share Jerusalem with a Palestinian Arab state, in 2000 and 2009, were similarly spurned by the Arab leadership. Not to mention Yassir Arafat’s similar refusal of an Israeli offer at Camp David in the 1980s.
Consequently Palestine is nothing but the bastard offspring of two West European empires – the Roman and the British. Its Arab roots are non-existent. Palestine is a phantom, a Bantustan, a scarecrow concocted by Muslim bigots to further their genocidal aims.
To utter the name of Palestine is to utter a lie. There is no Palestine. There is only Israel and Israel’s rebellious border areas.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Abrupt End of Medea Benjamin’s Strip Tour

Breaking News:
Abrupt End of Medea Benjamin’s Strip Tour
Code Bunk Boss Brutally Assaulted by Muslims
While trying to pay a friendly visit to her colleagues of a Palestinian humanitarian NGO called Ham-Ass, reportedly located in a strip establishment, the celebrated peace activist was thrown to the ground by two Muslim men, her [fire] arm was pulled out of her pocket, and she suffered a brutal assault as a result of which she bled copiously from an undisclosed location.
Let us pray for the swift recovery of this angelic creature, together with her devout protégés from the noted faith-based humanitarian organizations Taliban, Al Qaeda and Ham-Ass, aka “Bosses of the Strip”.
This gross breach of her tights will likely force her to reschedule her solidarity meeting with representatives of the noted faith-based Boko Haram humanitarian NGO from Nigeria.

Benjamin’s peace organization Code Bunk indignantly denied absurd charges emanating from the usual Islamophobic sources according to which Benjamin is “nothing but a camp follower of the Islamo-Dipshit Brigade”. Code Bunk spokesperson Ameena Durtbagh noted that “It is sheer coincidence that Medea Benjamin’s peace efforts always seem to benefit nihilistic-genocidal-theocratic organizations. On the other hand, perhaps this reflects the fact that these are the only groups working for true and lasting peace.” 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

What Green Means

Alexandre del Valle writes of a “green-red-br0wn” coalition of political forces. At first I thought he meant “environmental, Marxist & Fascist” political forces, which seemed to me rather far-fetched. But eventually I discovered he meant a coalition of “Muslim, Marxist & Fascist” political forces. This seems considerably more likely, since I have observed several prominent leftists defending Islamism and even Islamic terrorism. James Petras, a classic Marxist theorist of Latin America’s rebelliousness against the US, now seems to granted Islamists equal standing with Latin American desarrollistas and Marxists to challenge the West.
I was repelled by the notion that the rational economic analysis of Rodolfo Stavenhagen, Raúl Prebisch, and countless others be put on the same pedestal as the frenzied outpourings of obscurantist cutthroats like Sayyid Qutb and his ilk.
But then I started to wonder about the political ambiguity of the color green.
Why is green the color both of Islam and of the ecological movement?
And in which respects do these two movements differ?
For environmentalists the color green stands for what they wish to protect against the encroachments of aggressive economic development -- generally conducted for the benefit of a privileged few.
On the other hand in Islam, the color green symbolizes salvation.
But why is salvation green?
The color was evidently selected on the basis of early Islam’s geographic location. Mecca and Medina, the seats of early Islam from where Islam rapidly spread through conquest during the first centuries of its existence, are located in the midst of the world’s largest expanse of desert, which stretches unbroken from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to beyond the Persian Gulf in the east.
In a desert, as I can tell from my own experience, the color green is remarkably infrequent. When a green patch appears on the horizon, weary desert travelers rekindle hope. An oasis is nearby!
That is the meaning of the color green in Islam.
So unless I err, when environmentalists use the color green, it stands for the object of their solicitude, namely the terrestrial biosphere.
Islam, by contrast, appears to use the color green as a mere advertising gimmick to convey its transcendent spiritual message: “Islam provides fast relief for your discomfort!”
I am reluctant to press a point, especially since this is merely a hypothesis that has not been systematically analyzed, nor tested against a representative data set for its empirical falsification.

Nonetheless I sense a pattern here, one that repeats itself ad nauseam in the Islamic ideology:  the prevalence of appearance over substance, of words over facts and of violence over truth.